The procedure of reviewing

All the articles which are to be published in the journal are peer-reviewed to ensure a high scientific level of the articles on the basis of an objective assessment of the scientific content and a rejection of irrelevant, weak articles in the scientific and technical and editorial relation.

The recognized experts and the leading scientists who made the significant contribution to development of the corresponding fields of knowledge, possessing an academic degree of the candidate or doctor of science and having publications on the subject of the reviewed article within the last three years are involved in reviewing. The duration of the reviewing should not exceed one month from the date of receipt of the article by a reviewer. Reviews are stored in edition within 5 years.

Following the presentation of the review, articles are considered at the editorial board meeting where the final decision on the publication of articles in the journal is passed.

The editorial board sends the authors of materials that have not been reviewed, copies of reviews or motivated refusal, and also undertakes to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation when the editorial office receives the corresponding request.

Reviews sent by authors of articles are not accepted by the editorial staff.

Information for the reviewers.

The review can be written in a free form; in this case it should reflect the main points which are summarized in the recommended review form.

The recommended review form of the scientific article

1. Basic data on the article

1.1. The title of the article

1.2. The author `s full name

2. Review

2.1. The relevance of the presented material

2.2. Scientific novelty

2.3. The reviewer’s opinion on the article (originality of the presented materials, literacy of a statement, value of the received results, approbation)

2.4. Remarks on the article.

2.5. Reviewer's conclusions.

(It is necessary to choose one of the offered options)

3. Personal data of the reviewer

3.1. The reviewer`s full name

3.2. Academic degree

3.3. Academic status

3.4. Position

3.5. The full name oforganization (the place of work)

The reviewer `s e-mail

The review needs to be unpacked; you need to put the original signature (not the facsimile) and to certify the signature in the office of your organization (the signature of the manager of the office and the press of the organization).It is necessary to send the scanned copy of the review on an e-mail; the original of the review (1 copy) needs to be sent by mail in the address of the editorial office of the journal:

40 V Klyuchevskaya Street, building 1, Ulan-Ude 670013

The editorial office of the scientific and technical journal « ESSUTM Bulletin».